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06 mars 2012


One of my biggest passion is table arts...
I discovered few years ago the amazing hand work of Sylvie Coquet for her own brand named Feelings, Sylvie is the daughter of JL Coquet ( a famous brand under the same name) she started working with her father, then when he sold the company to Jaune de Chrome, she left.
All her creations are really amazing, actually i'm totally in love with this black plate, the white version have been created for Pierre Gagnaire on the spirit of earth.
There's no shop Feelings, only a showroom in Limoges.

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05 mars 2012


It's not easy to start a blog... I have hundreds of ideas, plenty of things to share!!
Finally I decided to start with something cutie... A teddy bear!!!
Have you heard about the brand Caresses?
A brand that makes amazing Orylag plushes..
Orylag requires 15 years of scientific research @ INRA : crossing, selecting, perfecting... Untill giving birth to the orylag, a rex rabbit with an incredible soft fur, dense, bright, resistant and very light skin.
Light and warm, soft and silky, fine and dense... A perfect fur.
Orylag is rare and precious, and protected by a licence from INRA, it's only produced in France in Charente Maritime.
Many haute couture designers use Orylag on their fur collections.
You can find 3 models of orylag little plushes @ Hermes.
Or contact Caresses to get the list of distributors.

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